Preventative Maintenance Program

Our Preventative Maintenance Program Helps You Stay In Control of Your Business

Reduce Out-of-Order Signs! With regular maintenance our service technicians can diagnose problems before actual equipment failure.

Increase Life Span! Just like maintaining a car, fitness equipment needs regular cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance.

Reduce Repair Costs! Potential problems are found before major equipment failure...Plus you receive a discount on all parts when your equipment is maintained by us.

Protect Your Investment Quality equipment is expensive. Secure your investment as long as possible, with our professional maintenance.

Reduce Potential Liability Risks! Regular inspection of everything from bolts & belts to chains & cables create a safer environment with lower liability concerns.

Focus On Your Business! One call to EPHCyclery does it all. We will take care of your fitness center so you don't have to.

Increase Client Retention and Profits! No one likes a dirty or out-of-order facility. A clean, safe, well-operating fitness center will keep clients returning year after year and be proud to bring along their friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PM? A scheduled Preventative Maintenance Program customized for each facility to insure a safe, clean, fully operational fitness center you and your clients can depend on.

Why PM Equipment That Is Still Covered by Manufacturer's Warranty? The same reason you change the oil in your new car. All manufacturers have daily, weekly, monthly maintenance requirements. Don't void your warranty because maintenance is not performed properly.

Why Not Wait Until The Machine Is Out-of-Order? In many cases an equipment failure can be prevented. Avoid complaints, lost clients, and costly repairs by maintaining the equipment today.

What If My Equipment Is Old & Outdated? Our technicians will do everything possible to keep your old equipment in good shape. If we notice potential costly repairs you will be informed of options such as repair, replacement, or possible trade-in value before it's to late.

What's Included In Our PM? Listed is an example of PM on a treadmill...inspect, adjust, calibrate, and lubricate... running deck & belt, motor brushes & drive belt, incline system, wax level, rollers, electronic components & connections, nuts & bolts, and of course a thorough cleaning & vacuuming of the interior & exterior of the machine.

What is the cost? The cost for any facility is only pennies a day! The amount is based on the number and type of equipment. Call today for a free quote.

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